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Mercury Rising provides strategic consulting and management "assistance". Founders of start ups bring an innovative vision to the world, create the business, design a company culture and curate an identity. Often they need an extra hand to take that start up to the next level and realise its full potential. It's not enough for a professional consultancy to  analyse the market/company, and create a plan. Sometimes you need a helping hand to drive that plan through the organisation and out into your new markets.

Valgo Group does remediation of contaminated sites, of all kinds. When 70,000 Oil & Gas wells have been abandoned and are leaking methane and there's a limited budget to remediated and stop the planet heating emissions, you need a little help to prioritise. This is a job for drones and sensors with intelligent AI decision making. Mercury designed a proof of concept system to help set Valgo's solution apart from the crowd.

Screenshot 2023-03-16 at 08.05.17.png

AI for Orphaned Oil & Gas Wells Remediation

Fancy Dining Room

Growth, Facilitate Acquisition

John Paul is a corporate concierge. That means bespoke services for business customers. Not a traditional candidate for scale. Mercury drove expansion and introduced efficiencies. Within 3 years Jean Paul had increased sales by 600% and was set up for acquisition by hotel group Accord in 2015.

Beausoleil makes sunglasses. But they understood before the rest of the world that this was not a sustainable strategy and the waste from their products would end up in landfills. Mercury worked with Beausoleil to identify a circular economy strategy to scale: organic waste materials that made the wood frames both beautiful and completely recyclable. Beausoleil was sold to luxury brand Acutis.

Crushed Plastic Bottles

Organic Materials Replace Plastics


AI for Waste Detection in The Ganges River

The Ganges River is arguably the most polluted in the world. When the Indian Government asked the question "how do we optimise and prioritise the clean up efforts?", Mercury worked in partnership with Alchemy AI and Teracode IoT to develop a machine learning decision making platform to predict impact of clean up investments in the river.

In 1999 Radware was an Isreali start up with 70 engineers and few customers. By 2007 Mercury leadership had grown the company to 700 people with operations in 23 countries. With 10,000 customers, the company went public on the NASDAQ and to this day is a dominant player in the cyber security space.


Bliztscaling Cyber Security Services to IPO

Screenshot 2023-03-16 at 12.18.38.png

YOUR SL was one of the first "Metaverse" concepts developed in 2007. The name stood for "Your Second Life" - you as an online avatar. The concept was developed by Mercury into a powerful enterprise digital transformation tool used by Coca Cola and other major FMCG companies. In 2017 YOUR SL was sold to Salesforce and became one of their first entries into the Enterprise Customer space.

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